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Your new kitchen is made to measure for you. Our team carefully plan so every millimeter fits perfectly, and is tailored to you and your wishes with absolute precision. Choose from a wide range of doors, unit types, features and worktop heights to make sure you have exactly what you like and what suits you and your lifestyle.

We will not tell the lie if we say that the kitchen is a central place in every home, so planning your new kitchen is responsible but fun work at the same time. After all, furnishing a kitchen is like so many things in life: it is a question of type, and we all value different things.

Mebel kitchens can fit your requirements so that even if the shape of your room is irregular you will not have to make compromises with your design. In cooperation with our team, we can find an ideal solution for you.

Mebel kitchens are the most functional product, in this category, on the market: Whether it is small or large comfort space that we need to furnish we are able to produce perfect peace of heaven in this “food area”

Since we use the materials that you choose, possibilities are various. What do we combine in order to have perfect kitchen for you:

Door types and material

You can choose between three materials
Univer panels (Various types of univer panels supplied from top market vendors)

MDF 18mm refined with veneers from a large number of wood types. Veneer selection can be a real pleasure (oak, walnut, mahogany, beech, exotic veneers …)

Work tops

First of all, work tops should be made from stable and quality materials. We took care to provide something like that in your kitchen through cooperation with top vendors in this area. Design of worktops can be similar as kitchen front doors or nevertheless totally different design which will make good contrast and make your kitchen attractive and unusual. A choice is, of course, large, and a decision is only yours. Our experienced team supports you in creating most suitable model, with creating 3D realistic model, where you can compare all your desires and help you decide easier.

Handles and knobs

“Final touch” for your new kitchen is selection of handles. Various handles and knobs selection defines yours kitchen final style. It is up to you if these will be installed at all! If you decide to have kitchen with no handles, for situation like that we developed several option which can be very attractive and functional.

Open / close

Up, left, right, push, slowing down …. The way you want to open and close kitchen front doors is enabled with various fittings on the market. More about fittings. Our job is to present you all combinations and possibilities, and yours is to tell us what best fits in your design. Built-in fridge, dishwasher machine can have same masks as the rest of front doors which make your kitchen compact.

We purchase kitchen appliances for you!

Common thing years along is that we purchase kitchen appliances for you( sinks, fridges, dishwasher machines, aspirator, ovens, from selected suppliers). We are supplying it first in our production area carefully paying attention to all detail to fit perfectly.