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Beside standard offer, we are developing so-called M-design products.
There is no selection for this products, actually, we are defining them together!

These products include creating interiors in home designed by architects or customers own specifications. So, in cooperation with our team we can find solution which is ideal for your home.

Wall covers

Wood lining is still not coming back in home style, but absolutely we can say that MDF wood wall cover rafined with all kind of veneers for certain part of your walls (as all kind of pillars, different angles, ceilings or area behind TV…) bacame something that is refreshing your home by giving it additional warm and makes it to look fantastic.


Don’t be classic. We will design lighting concept which can make this interior element follow up the rest interior design

Furniture and interior door

Furniture selection is caused by your unique lifestyle. Share it with us and we will discover unique design which will adorn your home

Wood stairway

Wood against tile? Why not. Choose veneer, color and we can produce wood stairs that will beat any type of tiles or other covers and fit perfectly with your parquet.

Mirors and picture frames

Frames are something that definitely follow up rest of the interior. We offer you various options for picture or mirror wood frames.