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Mebel's mission is to create interiors through three generic phases: 1) design 2) production and 3) assembly on time, in such a way as to ensure that the requirements of different categories of customers (private, public, business objects) are met, while respecting the principles of production efficiency. The result of the process is an interior that follows the modern lifestyle and meets all the demands for attractive and functional furniture in every setting.


Our vision is to become the most reliable partner in the market in furnishing interiors with a special focus on hotel rooms (and complete hotel interiors) in such a way that we create the most pleasant possible environment for guests, while ensuring maximum satisfaction of hotel management.


MEBEL in Vrnjci, owned by the Savic family,
it is the embodiment of the Serbian tradition, with a valuable and honest attitude towards business, crafts and customers.



Contact with wood processing
Master's testimony from the carpenter's trade
Milosav Savic formally refers to family
orientation to carpentry and love of wood.


Workshop + first serial products
His son Milovan Savic laid down his craft in 1961
exam and family workshop officially opens this year
and successfully produces wooden paneling.
The son Slavoljub with employees also begins
working in this workshop producing wood
paneling and garnishes on a larger scale.


Construction of the production hall
Slavoljub starts building a new business
space all for the purpose of expanding capacity and
volume of business. The new space conditioned i
Procurement of new machines supplied from Italy.


First carpentry
The new space provided much more comfort with the newer
technology and more employees therefore
production of various wooden products:
first complete carpentry, kitchen ..


New hall + room door
Exponential growth is a condition of further expansion
capacity in the form of construction of another hall of the same area.
Room doors are the direction in which Mebel turns and realizes
much success in marketing them over the years


Appearance at Belgrade Fair
In addition to the room door, Mebel is opting for an extra
orientation, and so by exhibiting in Belgrade
a furniture fair with a program Italian style
The furniture achieves remarkable success throughout
a three-year performance. Appearance at the Tourism Fair
marks the beginning of production hotel program.


Record success
Thanks to the excellent layout of the room door
to the domestic market the year in which it was higher
success. An identical trend continues throughout
in the coming years with active production
modern interiors.


Hotel program + new technologies
As a company that has developed an enviable range
wood products need to be defined directional
strategy for years to come. The policy is clear:
We invest in quality, procuring new technology
(as many as three new lines in 2017), training new staff.


Our vision is to become the most reliable partner in the market in furnishing interiors with special emphasis

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