Wide range attractive doors that open every space.

Production process

The design of room and entrance doors is custom made with a fill that can be arbitrary. They provide exceptional harmony with the interior.

Large selection of door opening types

various choice of patterns

Color palette

The production of room and entrance doors is custom made, to the specific requirements of clients where, with intensive cooperation of the client - firm, detailed elaboration of the model is selected, defining and pointing out all the characteristics of the quality of products that are significant for the customer. Doors are made of naturally treated wood (oak, beech, walnut, cherry ...)

White oak


Whitened oak

Ash tree



great offer modern hotel doors

What were we making for satisfied customers

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The MEBEL company in Vrnjci, owned by the Savic family, is the epitome of Serbian tradition, a valuable and honest attitude towards business, crafts and customers.
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