Our Products is the best story of our quality, attractive design, unique and modern style that we have been cultivating for over three decades.

Production process

Wood interior design is a process that begins in the space you want to furnish. The goal is to get the idea you want to convey into space, clearly define it, determine what products your interior should consist of, select materials, colors, and start processes.

Compliance with the interior

We choose colors and materials carefully


The most detailed finest element finishes

The highest quality wood

Large selection of materials

Creating the ideal solution

Furniture as one group of products in the obstacle of the whole interior of wood, of course, occupies a central place and all the design attention is directed to creating the ideal conceptual design that will allow the given environment to “profit” from the modern, attractive and extremely recognizable style that Mebel production team offers.

You imagine, we make

Experience combined with modern manufacturing technologies enables us to produce a large range of wood products with high functionality of perfect appearance and high quality according to the customer's ideas and detailed technical specifications.

We have completed hundreds of projects and equipped a large number

1. Private spaces, interior elements: beds, wardrobes, dressers, TV shelves, various tables, bathroom furniture, children's rooms, shelves

2. Business premises, interior elements: info desks, reception desks, complete wood showcases, office desks, bars, pharmacies

What were we doing for satisfied customers

What part of your home you want us to equip?

The MEBEL company in Vrnjci, owned by the Savic family, is the epitome of Serbian tradition, a valuable and honest attitude towards business, crafts and customers.
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