Hotel rooms

The desire to bring the design and warmth of the home environment into hotels and hotel rooms is what has motivated us into the new business direction we have been turning to over the last few years.

Hotel room

is where everyone wants to feel right at home and who better to take care of it than our team. We have developed and presented here some basic concepts of hotel rooms. Of course, they should not be restricted, but in collaboration with architects and our engineers we create a unique solution for each hotel room, depending on the category, idea, standard.

The best materials

Maximum dedication to detail

Maximum cozy atmosphere

Various types of beds, headboards, bedside tables, closets, baggers and all the other interior details are combined to create the perfect harmony, appropriate ambience and provide the most comfortable atmosphere for the guest to enjoy. The satisfaction of the guest is inevitably transferred to the satisfaction of the management.

A unique offer

After Phase 2. Creating a 3D realistic model, we add another intermediate phase: Complete production of the sample room. This additional offer made possible by Mebel makes it easy for the client to make the final decision about ordering the entire quantity only on the basis of completely designed interior elements of the hotel room, exactly as defined by the architect's project and presented with a realistic 3D model.

Complete hotel interior

When it comes to the hotel program, it should be remembered that our focus is not only on the hotel room, but on the complete hotel interior. This includes different solutions for: Reception, hotel lobby bars, bars, wooden wall coverings, hallway solutions, front door to rooms, hence all the accompanying wood interiors attached to one hotel building.

One look, all areas of room

Project - Hotel Nivy

We worked on equipping the Nivy Hotel, and by clicking the link below, you can visit the hotel website directly

Request a unique one hotel design

The MEBEL company in Vrnjci, owned by the Savic family, is the epitome of Serbian tradition, a valuable and honest attitude towards business, crafts and customers.
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