Kitchen furniture can meet all your requirements even when the shape of your space is not typical, even then you will not have to compromise on the design you have designed. In cooperation with our team we can find the perfect solution.

High precision

Choose from a wide range of fronts, different types of work surfaces and heights, the type of sash opening with an incredible selection of the highest quality fittings (Blum, Hefele…) all to make sure that you get what lies with your lifestyle.

Carefully planned every millimeter

Work Board

The work surfaces should first and foremost be made of durable materials. We have just made sure to provide such in your kitchen through cooperation with the highest quality suppliers in this field.

Large selection of colors and patterns

Final touch

is just the choice of handles for your new kitchen. The many palettes of kitchen handles determine the ultimate style. It is up to you whether there will be any. If you decide to keep your kitchen without handles, we have developed some modern wing-opening solutions for this situation, which have proven to be very good in practice.

Our kitchens are the most practical product of this type on the market: Whether it's a very small space or a more comfortable environment, we are able to provide absolutely everything you need on every surface.

Kitchen zones

Planning five kitchen zones reduces work steps and allows for more fluid work and movement. Often used items should be easily accessible, ideally positioned at medium height, while less used somewhere at the top or bottom of kitchen elements.

Order unique kitchen

The MEBEL company in Vrnjci, owned by the Savic family, is the epitome of Serbian tradition, a valuable and honest attitude towards business, crafts and customers.
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