1) Specification and material selection

The first step is communication from customer to us where it is necessary to define product or group of desired products. Next step is defining specification which includes that our team take a measure, define all relevant dimensions and you pick materials. For now these are enough input information for creating a basic offer.

2) Creation of realistic 3D Vray models

After first process and input information, our team creates 3D realistic model which presents to you over 95% of all elements of your new interior on such a realistic way, same like photo. Beside this, if we have confirmation from your side, offer is created and sent to you.

3) Confirmation of suggested solution with correction

If suggested solution is acceptable we go to the next, 4. step, directly. But when there are certain variations and corrections, we create new specification, with possibly creating new 3D model and after acceptance of this new solution, we define delivery time for your goods.

4) Project elaboration and work order releasing

After approval, the rest of the job is ours. We create work orders which include resources allocation (workers, materials, machines), so we can ensure that production process goes without interference.

5) Delivery and assembly

After production process, we are defining precise time of delivery for finish good. We have delivered our products in a defined period of time in more than 90% of cases. Assembly can take from one to several days which depends on products complexity. This is something that we also define with a high percentage of accuracy.