Single swing door is standard offer. What is important to underline here is a direction of opening. Technical drawings bellow can help you to define what is your door opening direction. It is important to know that this is defined on basis of some following factors: door position in the room, some kind of impediments, electrical outlets, etc.

Double swing doors are good design solution between hallway and some bigger room, living room for ex. Both wings can be the same or diffrent size. They can be with glass. Larger wing has standrad open/close option while smaller can be fixed or also mobile.

The ideal solution for small apartments and large spaces where design solution intended absence of classic swing door.
This door can be safely left slightly open: it will never be slammed shut on the draft and will not create unnecessary obstacles.


Selection of your new interior door is one thing, another one is handle and all other fitting type which you can choose. This will make final style for your door and complete them as one important interior element.

Our suppliers enable for us to provide for you various handle models from several materials as: aluminum, inox, black finish, chrome finish, bronze finish, toilet handle system.

Toilete handle system

Color signal is what makes this handle different from classic one, and various types of these handles can be ordered from our supplier

Inox handles

Inox handles are great option for classic interior door with modern style. Modern design, simple but elegant design.

SOS Invisible Hinge

Unvisible while the doors are closed, make perfect look on door and maximum of functionality beacuse these hinges are made to support also bigger dimensions doors.

Spring hinge

These type of hinge allows simple assembly and caring bigger doors . If the door wing is bigger, it is necessary to add hinges on more positions.

Chrome finish

Chrome finish handles are „brighter“ choice. Atractive and perfect for interior doors in business areas , offices ect. But nevertheless they can have impressive efects in every home

Kitchen space solutions

When it is about your new kitchen, you don’t select only if it is made of MDF of univer panels. This is aesthetic part, but what is with functionality? This is equally important aspect of kitchen system.
When we speak about functionality, we speak about selecting quality and versatile fittings. High-quality fittings allow you to improve kitchen functionality and to make manipulation easier while you are busy with food processing. Slowing mechanisms, touch mechanisms, rotation openings, and a lot of other unbelievable fittings and solutions offer world’s most popular brands BLUM, FGV, HAFELE, MOKA and others.

Wardrobe fitting and mechanisms

Wardrobe production and space planning is the field where we are unbeatable. MOKA fittings enable us to create most practical and high functional solutions like: Pants carriers, tie carriers, lifters, shoe carriers, hangers, and a lot more. All this in function of creating maximum practical space.

World of colors : Color and stain charts, high gloss and matte

Surfaces which are not veneer covered are painted with polyurethane colors based on color charts (RAL chart). When we speak about coloring of interior doors we speak about two options : White color interior door and painted interior door according to RAL chart. RAL chart is world wide known color chart where each color has its own code so it is easy to define precisely which one to pick when we paint doors, furniture, kitchen ect…
Wood creates warmth feeling in every home but beside this aesthetic function, selected color also provides long term protection for interiors.

Veneer surfaces or massive wood are possible only to varnish or to varnish and to do staining. Only staining (stain gives aesthetic value to wood) is not possible, but it is necessery to combine it with lacquer which has protection value. Stains are decorative coatings which can cover all veneer surfaces. Samples are mostly presented on the oak, ash, beech ect… so their function is entirely aesthetic and selection is large. The point is to intensely highlight wood structure.
Varnish apply only directly on veneer or wood previously processed with stain

When we want to achive high gloss efect on kitchen front doors or any furniture element, we use high gloss polyurethane coatings or acrylic varnish in high gloss (veneer surfaces like ash, maple, brich, oak ect..) which provide : Excelent coverage, excellent leveling, different shades available (prepared according to standardized color charts: NCS, RAL, as well as according to customer request), good mechanical characteristics, mogućnost naknadnog poliranja, possibility of achiving high percentage of high gloss.
It is also possible to achive matte effect as well. White matte color is always atractive choice when we speak about interiors achived by using acrylic varnish in mate. Most frequent use is at surfaces that are exposed more to mechanical contact as the case is in the offices , hotel room furniture ect..

Veneer world

Veneer refers to thin slices of wood, usually tickness 0,6 mm – 2,5 mm that typically are glued onto core panels (typically, wood, particle board or medium-density fiberboard) to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, parquet floors and parts of furniture. Main function is decorative coating of wood. Veneered MDF is higher quality option which is used for furniture production. Furniture production is based on first class veneer selection : oak, pine, bora, anigre, american walnut, mahogany, wenge and zebrano veneer plus 80 types more of available veneers on our market.